Fueling Race Series Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioner Conversion Kit - '01-06TC C

0925-1506 7192

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FEULING RACE SERIES CONVERSION CAMSHAFT HYDRAULIC CAM CHAIN TENSIONER KIT, Twin Cam 01-06, except 01 Touring and 06 Dyna engines, W/O cam sensor. (Delphi Ignition Systems)

Kit includes the needed components to upgrade early 99-06 style mechanical spring tensioner cam chain drive systems to the late 07-17 hydraulic cam chain drive system using hybrid camshafts. This kit includes a FEULING RACE SERIES billet oil pump, High Flow camplate, RACE SERIES full travel Lifters, FEULINGS billet hydraulic tensioner housings, tensioner pads, cam chains, sprockets, sprocket alignment spacers, TIMKEN/FEULING bearings, needed gaskets, O-rings, ARP cam, crank hardware, Loctite and moly lube. Requires purchase of conversion style camshafts.

Note: Rocker box gasket kit included so the factory one piece pushrods can be reused

Requires separate purchase of conversion camshafts - See Feuling #1015, 1016, 1017, 1018, 1019 (Drag #s: 0925-0671, 0925-0606, 0925-0607, 0925-0608, 0925-0672)

See Feuling #3200 for replacement billet rocker box breather assemblies and or #4072 and #4073 if looking to upgrade to heavy duty one piece pushrods.


Twin Cam 01-06, except 01 Touring and 06 Dyna engines (Delphi Ignition, no cam sensor). Kit designed for conversion style camshafts see Feuling #s 1015, 1016, 1017, 1018, 1019


1091, 1092, 2055, 2076, 3042, 4050, 7062, 8015, 8041, 8060, 8061, 8077