Custom Dynamics ProGLOW™ Bluetooth Controller

2050-0440 PG-BTBOX-1

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  • Controls ProGLOW™ LED accent light system with plug and play installation
  • Connects to the ProGLOW™ app through your personal IOS or Android device to customize and control your color changing lights
  • Easy to navigate interface allows for up to three zones to be controlled and customized independently with programmed solid color or color changing animation modes
  • Unlimited color combinations can be selected using the color wheel or color-match technology with camera access while easy to use sliders let you fine-tune the brightness and speed of each movement
  • ProGLOW™ can also be synced with music for a complete audiovisual experience
  • Optional brake alert function can be enabled for increased safety while riding
  • Added battery monitor, timer and security features give you control of your lights when out of sight
Custom Dynamics ProGLOW™ Bluetooth Controller
Custom Dynamics ProGLOW™ Bluetooth Controller