Upgrade Your Motorcycle with the Powerful Drag Specialties AGM Battery

Introducing the Drag Specialties AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery, designed for customized motorcycles that require the best performance. This battery features a low-profile hand hold for easy installation, as well as heavy-duty flush-mount terminals that eliminate the need for spacers, ensuring a secure and vibration-resistant connection.

But what really sets the Drag Specialties AGM battery apart is its advanced design. The AGM separators and superior grid and component designs allow for improved charge recovery and longer shelf life, making it one of the most powerful batteries in the industry. This battery is also extremely vibration resistant, with a spill-proof design that is factory-activated for your convenience.

Not only is the Drag Specialties AGM battery a top-performing choice for customized motorcycles, but it is also proudly made in the U.S.A. Upgrade your motorcycle with this reliable and high-performing battery, and experience the difference it can make.