Revolutionize Your Ride: Upgrade to Coastal Moto's 3D Wheels for Harley Davidson Touring Models

Are you in the market for new wheels for your Harley Davidson touring model? Look no further than Coastal Moto  and their revolutionary 3D line of wheels.

Coastal Moto has been in the business of completely redefining the Harley Davidson aftermarket wheel since 2008. They have achieved this by developing a proprietary, patent-pending manufacturing process that allows them to create the first-ever one-piece cast wheels for the HD aftermarket. This manufacturing process results in wheels that are both cost-effective and feature full 3D contoured designs that go the full depth and width of the rim.

Not only are these wheels more affordable than traditional billet or forged options, but they also offer a unique, fully 3D design that sets them apart from other aftermarket options. And, because they are direct bolt-on and guaranteed to fit specified Harley Davidson touring models, installation is a breeze.

In addition to their unbeatable price and aesthetic appeal, Coastal Moto 3D wheels also come with impressive warranties. The company offers a 2-year limited warranty on their chrome and painted finishes, and a lifetime limited warranty on the structural integrity of the wheels. This guarantees that, in the event of a defect in material or workmanship, the customer can have the wheel repaired or replaced at no cost.

It's important to note that these warranties do not cover issues arising from improper care or maintenance. In order to ensure the longevity and durability of your new wheels, it's crucial to maintain them properly by cleaning with mild soap and water and waxing with a high-quality carnauba wax. Abrasive cleaners or waxes should be avoided. Additionally, small flaws or marks do not constitute a flawed product and are a natural result of the casting process. However, if you do experience any issues, parts must be returned to Coastal Moto for repair, replacement, or credit. No credit will be issued for labor or other costs incurred beyond the original cost of the part.

In summary, Coastal Moto's 3D line of wheels offer a cost-effective, visually striking alternative to traditional aftermarket options for Harley Davidson touring models. And with their impressive warranties, you can feel confident in your purchase. Upgrade your ride with Coastal Moto and experience the difference for yourself.