Custom Dynamics ProBEAM LED Light Bar: Upgrade Your Lighting and Improve Safety on the Road

Custom Dynamics is a company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing high-quality motorcycle lights and accessories. Founded in 2002 by Dave Pribula, a motorcycle enthusiast and electrical engineer, the company began with a small home office and has since grown to a 22,000 sq ft facility in Youngsville, NC.

One of their featured products is the PB-TP-REDProBeam® LED Light Bar for Tour Pack, which is specifically designed to fit Harley Davidson Tour Paks from the years 2014-2023. It is priced at $374.95 and comes with a number of impressive features.

The light bar features 3 LED light pipes that wrap around the left and right side of the unit, creating a smooth running light with increased side visibility. This is not only visually appealing, but also improves the safety of the rider by providing greater visibility to the side. Additionally, there are 11 LEDs on each side that illuminate for full contrast turn signals or brake/turn signals. This is a great feature that helps other drivers on the road see you more clearly when you are turning or braking.

The center row of 18 super bright red LEDs acts as a full contrast center brake light. This is another important safety feature that makes sure other drivers on the road can see you more clearly when you are braking. The light bar is compatible with both AM/FM and CB antennas, and it also works on models with hidden antennas. This means that the light bar can be used with a wide range of Harley Davidson Tour Paks, making it more versatile and accessible to more riders.

The light bar is also designed to be plug-and-play, which means that installation is quick and easy. There's no need for complicated wiring or special tools. This means that you can have your new LED light bar installed and ready to go in no time. The light bar is also DOT/SAE compliant, which means that it meets the safety standards of the Department of Transportation.

Custom Dynamics is a company that is dedicated to producing only the highest-quality motorcycle lights and accessories. They have been in business for over 20 years and have a reputation for producing high-quality products and providing excellent customer support. They offer one of the largest selections of motorcycle lighting products in the world and their products are available worldwide through their partnership with DRAG Specialties.

The company also has a unique product line called ProBEAM, which is the first motorcycle LED light pipe product line available in the market. This is an innovative product that features a modern design, cutting-edge technology, and is compliant with DOT/SAE standards.

All of Custom Dynamics' products are designed in-house through collaboration with a team of engineers, owner Dave, and employees who are also riders. They strive to source their product components from industry leaders, with their PCBA and electronics supplier headquartered in Atlanta, GA. They also use OSRAM LEDs in most of their LED products, which is based in Germany.

In conclusion, Custom Dynamics is a reliable and innovative company that provides high-quality motorcycle lights and accessories. The PB-TP-REDProBeam® LED Light Bar for Tour Pack is an example of the company's commitment to safety, design and innovation. It's a plug-and-play product that is versatile, compatible with different types of Tour Paks, and comes with unique features that provide a smooth and eye-catching running light, improved side visibility, full contrast turn signals, and a full contrast center brake light. It's a great investment for any rider looking to upgrade their lighting system and improve safety on the road.